Dave Trampier Thursday - Fire Giant

Ok, so it's Friday. Apologies for not getting this up yesterday, I realize I am a day late but here is another beauty from Tramp (and hey, you can't complain too much, I did give you two for one last Thursday!).


This week is my favorite from Trampier's series of giants which he drew for the Monster Manual. I never much cared for the most of the Trampier giants honestly. The Hill giant always reminded me of a big, dumb, doofus and not something tremendously scary (as it should be I guess). The Stone giant always looked too much like Lurch. The Cloud giant, well, let's just say he was a little effeminate for me. But the Fire giant, ah, the Fire giant, majestic!


This illustration is probably the reason my younger self wanted to include Fire giants everywhere and anywhere. In fact Trampier's fearsome Fire giant illustration is probably responsible for carnage on an unmitigated scale, as I remember wiping out many a party with it as my inspiration.