Oubliette Goodness

Man. I'm speechless. I hate to gush, and I know I already posted about the magazine but I just got all the back issues of Oubliette I ordered and I cant resist. I knew the content was great from the PDF's but just take a look at this goodness. Something about holding them in your hands and then putting them on your bookshelf speaks volumes to me.

I had to put a picture up for size comparison. If you dont have the physical copies you are definitely doing yourself a disservice. Damn, my only complaint is I can't subscribe...



  1. I like the look of the red cover, very intriguing. Is the zine still actively printed now?

    1. You can get it as a PDF or you can order them through Lulu. The one with red on the cover is a compilation of issues 1-4. They have stated that they will make a compilation every four issues. The compilation issue is particularly nice but once you read one you will have to get them as soon as they come out. Lol.

  2. Thanks very much for the shout out. I'm delighted that you like the printed editions of Oubliette so much.

    Lulu is the main ordering point for the printed editions, but for anyone in the UK, I do have a small stock of the Issues 1-4 Compilation and individual copies of 5,6 and 7, which I can supply direct to get around Lulu's loaded P&P charges.