Review - Oubliette Magazine

Over the weekend I downloaded a couple of Oubliette PDF's and I am hooked. In fact I ordered the physical compilation of issues 1-4 and all the other issues released since then. It's fantastic, just in case you didn't know.

Why? Well that's the confusing thing... I'm not really sure. I guess if I had to put it in words I would describe it as a sense of cohesiveness. This is a magazine with a voice. Don't get me wrong, I've read quite a few issues of Knockspell and Fight On!, and while I like them both well enough I never was tempted to get every issue immediately and in a physical form no less.

Oubliette reminds me of the feeling I used to get when I received my new issue of Dragon in the mail, and I was a Dragon subscriber in the magazine's heyday. Oubliette may not always be the slickest or prettiest girl on the block but for my money it's better for it. There's a big heart beating in every issue and it's easy to see that every page is a labor of love.



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