Dave Trampier Thursday - Orcus

I asked myself, "What would I want to see on a blog?". The answer? Art by Dave Trampier. An icon and a master.

Regardless of what inane and unremarkable topics I may end up blogging about, those of you who return here on Thursdays will find another piece of beautiful artwork by Tramp.

Good fortune and good health to you DT! Wherever you may be.




  1. I love Tramp! Too bad his life turned so weird. Weekly specials are a good thing. I'll come by and take a look on Thursdays. :) Good luck with your blog.

  2. Yeah, what a strange, strange story. The world lost some great artwork when he stopped. I sometimes wonder if he lives in some little apartment somewhere surrounded by wonderful art nobody will ever see...

    Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully I can sharpen up some rusty writing skills and strike a chord with a few people who love this OSR craze as much as me.

  3. Reportedly he drives a taxi and refuses to discuss gaming. Unfortunately I can't recall where I read this... it might have been on Dragonsfoot.

    1. Yeah, I read that article as well. So odd and really kind of a waste of a wonderful gift. But whatever makes one happy is what they must do I guess.